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Booa Music is an independent record label and music production company based in the oldest city of Finland,  Turku. Our aim is to produce unique high quality sound in the terms of the artist. Booa Music represents a free independent sound without genre boundaries or market pressure.  We put up this company to bring the fresh sound of up and coming artists to the public and help artists find and master their own style.





Louie Blue

Louie Blue aka Alec Moborg is a 18-year-old singer and music creator from Turku, Finland. Born to a Finnish-Italian family with strong connection and love for music, Louie has been creating his own songs since attending music class in secondary school.

In the spring of 2019 Alec was introduced to the people behind a small Finnish indie label Booa Music who happened to share the same interest and taste in music. They have been working together ever since, evolving Louie Blue’s music which is a versatile medley of genres dancing around electric RnB. Last September the team joined forces with Sony Music.

Louie’s sound and music has already generated buzz amongst tastemakers in Finland as well as in the Nordics. Last summer his debut single Confused got picked up by Finland’s biggest youth radio & music media YLEX as one of their Ones to Watch artists. 

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Littoisista kotoisin. Paras omassa jutussaan. Ystävällinen & helposti lähestyttävä. Syntynyt vuonna 1998. Uutta musiikkia tulossa läpi kesän. Kuuntele ja seuraa, niin jatkossa tiedät. Rauhaa.


Vince Vigo

Vince Vigo is a Groove-infused artist, who combines the elements of early 2000's era of pop music and modern indiepop. But Who the Fuck is Vince Vigo?

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Pepito is one of Booa Music's founders, producer Pepe Jean Jr.'s solo project. Pepito's debut single Kiwi & Cookies was released on July 17th and the artist will release three more singles this year. Don't sleep on this one. 
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Kuka on ihala? Artistin takaa löytyy turkulainen 25-vuotias laulaja-biisintekijä Eetu Kujala. “Oon tosi huono kuvailee omaa musaa. Jos jotenkin pitäis asia vääntää, niin ainakin siinä täytyy aina olla hyvä basso-groove ja vähän funkkii. Mitä teksteihin tulee, niin tekstit syntyvät aina musiikin jälkeen. Ensin musiikki ja sen fiiliksen mukaan tehdään tekstit.”
Ihalan esikois-single "Cabaret" julkaistiin 31.7.
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Nicholas Klimscheffskij 

Founder / CEO

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Petro Pyysalo / Pepe Jean Jr. 

Founder / Creative Director 


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Kauri Ruohonen / Perjantai4000

Founder / Creative Director


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Daniel Klimscheffskij

Topliner / Lyrics

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